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Second Opinions in Social Security Disability Cases

by Eric L. Bolves, Esq.

Just as in medical cases, sometimes a second opinion is needed to find out if the case is headed in the right direction and proceeding as it should.

It used to be that handling Social Security disability cases was the perfect kind of practice for the lazy lawyer. 15 years ago, 65% of all cases were approved at the administrative law level. Many attorneys and representatives thought that all they had to do is send in medical records and show up at the hearing and they would win 65% of their cases.

Things have changed. It is much harder to win a Social Security disability case these days. Less than five years ago, we noticed that the percentages of approval were going down and the judges were getting tougher. Did the word come down from Social Security headquarters that judges were approving too many cases? It seems like it.

Unfortunately, there are still those practitioners around who don't take their cases seriously enough. Another consideration is that you do not have to be an attorney to represent someone in a Social Security case. There are no real qualifications to being a Social Security representative except an understanding of the rules and procedures. While I have met many non-attorney representatives who do a great job, I have met just as many who do a terrible job.

Hopefully, your attorney or representative is doing a great job and if you have any questions about it you should make an appointment to speak to them. If you are unsure about your case and how it is being handled I would be glad to give you a second opinion.