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Are you Ready for Your Social Security Disability Hearing?

By Eric L. Bolves, Esq.

Finally, you have waited so long for your Social Security Administrative Law hearing, now that it is right around the corner, are you sure you are ready? 
It usually takes two years to get to the ALJ hearing. This is your best opportunity to be approved for disability benefits. Are you sure you know what the judge is looking for? Unfortunately, many people who are not represented believe that all they have to do is show up and tell the judge their story to win their case. Your testimony as the claimant is only one part of the judge's consideration.

 Did you know that the definition of Social Security disability is an economic definition? The judge has to decide if you have the ability to earn over $1070 per month (2014). If you can earn that much on a consistent basis doing any kind of work, you are not disabled. If you can't earn that much, then you are disabled. How do you prove that?

 The judge uses a five step sequential evaluation to make their decision. In a nutshell, the five steps are 1.) Are you working now?
2.) Are your impairments severe enough to prevent work?
3.) Do you meet or equal a listing in the Listing of Impairments? 
4.) Can you do the work you used to be able to? And
5.) Is there any other kind of work that you can do with your current limitations?

Do you know how to answer the questions? Do you know how to convince the judge?

Case Review, Strategy and Recommendations

Many choose not to hire an attorney or representative but still feel need for some expert help during the case.  I am glad to assist.  I will review your case, explain what Social Security is looking for and tell you what needs to be done to give you the best chance of winning. I invite you call for a one hour consultation and coaching.



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